ANON ASK/SUBMISSION - I really like this one x

An Anon was referring to the last option in my multi option theory (here) regarding the hole in the gazebo area.

I suggested that maybe Alison lied about her mother burying her. Maybe Melissa really did find Alison and bury her. Then Alison was pulled out by Grunwald and Melissa didn’t actually kill anyone. Then Mrs D actually buried alive the other body that Alison had hit with a shovel and she was talking to Alison when she said “what have you done”


I swear, this is the BEST theory so far !!!!!! It explains so much !!!! But one of the liars had to be in on it too, my bet is Aria, bc she kinda seems to be the only one indifferent about Ali being back, now with the whole BY thing she completely forgot about Shana; she seems more worried about that night, there had to be a reason why they left rosewood after that night, when you go back to the night her piglet&blanket is suddenly missing and what’s more jenna once asked spencer in the library ”is that why one of you did what you did”! Thoughts? :) XXX

This has made me want to expand on this theory:

If one of the liars (Aria or maybe all of them) was involved then that would explain why -A has targeted them, to get revenge on them for killing the other girl. -A has to have a pretty decent motive. Whomever -A is they must have been related to or involved with the other girl. There isn’t much else on the show that we know of that -A would be seeking revenge for.  This would also explain what the Liars are still lying about. It could also explain why Alison said her mother buried her… that Melissa would think she killed the other girl and -A would stop going after the liars.

Think about it….. If Melissa really did kill that other girl by burying her alive then -A would have figured it out and been torturing Melissa all this time instead. Maybe this is playing into Alison’s hands.

hmmm its out there but is possible.

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