I think that by looking at all the flashbacks of the ground where the bodies were buried we might figure out the order of what happened and maybe who dug the hole and maybe who is lying.

From Garrett’s flashback when Alison was still up and about, we see the ground dug up in the shape of an octagon ready for the gazebo but there is no body sized grave hole in the middle of it. There are also string lines and stakes setup across the octagon..

According to Alison her mother buried her and Grunwald pulled her out. We can still see the string lines setup across the octagon.

Melissa found the body but didn’t look at the face and pushes the body into a hole in the middle of the octagon and buries her. In this flashback we can see the string lines and stakes have been knocked over.

From this I take it that:

  • Maybe Alison was buried first and the hole was dug by her mother
  • Then Grunwald pulled her out and left the ground in a mess
  • Then someone prepared the lookalike body and new hole for Melissa to bury the body in.


  • Maybe Melissa dug that hole and they just didn’t show that part (except how would she have dug that hole and put the body on the edge of it without seeing Alison’s face)


  • Maybe Alison was never buried and she is lying about that part and she is the one who wrote the A message (I buried your mother like I watched her bury you) In which case Alison would have the footage of her mother being buried and must have been in on her murder.

OR - wait for it cause it’s out there….

  • Maybe Alison lied about her mother burying her. Maybe Melissa really did find Alison and bury her and set the string lines up afterwards. Then Alison was pulled out by Grunwald and Melissa didn’t actually kill anyone. Then Mrs D actually buried alive the other body that Alison had hit with a shovel and she was talking to Alison when she said “what have you done”

hmmmm i wonder which it is, let me know your thoughts?

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